The Greater Victoria Velodrome Association (GVVA) advocates and facilitates track riding and racing on Vancouver Island at the WestShore Velodrome, a 333m track located at the WestShore Parks and Recreation Centre,  located in Greater Victoria in the City of  Colwood, about 20 minutes from downtown Victoria.


Westshore Velodrome 
1767 Island Highway
Colwood, BC
V9B 1J1


Track Information

The West Shore Velodrome was built for the 1994 Commonwealth Games. The West Shore Velodrome is a 333.3 metre concrete oval with 29 degree banking at the ends and 10 degree banking on the straights.

Starting at the bottom of the track above the apron is the blue band or Cote D’Azur. This is a transition area between the flat apron and the banked racing surface of the black.

The next black line is called the Gauge Line or Pole Line. This is where the track is measured from and riders are not to race below this line.

The Sprinter’s Line is the red line above the Pole Line. This Sprinter’s Lane is between the Pole Line and the Sprinter’s Line. The first rider in the lane has an advantage because another rider may not come down into the lane until completely clear of his front wheel. Riders can not pass on the inside.

Track Records