The Greater Victoria Velodrome Association has a large rental fleet with bikes of all sizes available to riders age six and up. In 2014, thanks to Hillbrick Bicycles, the GVVA has added a number of new 24-inch wheel track bikes to the selection.

Introductory learn-to-ride programs at the velodrome include rental bikes as part of the program. After completing the LTR program riders are welcome to continue to rent bikes for training, or racing.

The rental bikes are all fixed gear track bicycles. Bike rental includes basic pedals with plastic toe clips, if you need them. You are welcome to swap out the pedals with your own pedals.

You must not, however, swap out wheels or any other parts of the rental bike. This includes changing chain rings or rear sprocket. Most of the rental bikes are setup with 48T front chainring with a 16T rear (81 gear-inches). Some of our rental bikes have 15T rear for 86 gear-inches on a 700C wheeled track bike.

Rental Bike Guide

You May...
  • Adjust seat height and angle, stem height, bar angle.
  • Exchange Pedals for your own toe-clips or clipless pedals
  • Inflate tires to proper pressure
  • Adjust chain tension
  • Apply removable painters tape with your name on it for recurring use
You May Not...
  • Exchange wheels with our own wheels.
  • Exchange rear sprocket with your own
  • Exchange chain ring with your own
  • Replace tires with your own tires
  • Remove the rental from the track premises
  • Bikes are rented on a first-come, first-served basis. The track attendant or coaching staff will assist you in selecting the right rental bike for you.

    Return rental bikes to the appropriate hook in the clubhouse when your session is over. Be careful when storing the bike so as not to damage any of the bikes. Storage is tight.