Our Learn-to-Race coached session is the training ground to further advance your knowledge, techniques, and fitness on the track. Each session is structured to consist of group warm-up, activations, skills & drills, and 2-3 workout blocks targeting specific energy systems all under the direction of a coach. It is ideal for riders who are keen for a workout, to learn more, as well as to refine their race craft. All riders must have completed the Learn-to-Ride and/or approved by our coaches prior joining the training sessions. As competition date approaches, we will also run practice races to familiarize with race formats, rules, and also race strategies.

Class Size / Registration:
20 participants.  Pre-registration is appreciated on Spond.

– Completion of Learn-to-Ride or equivalent
– GVVA membership + Track Pass

Gearing recommendation:
Riders should come prepared with a warm up gear in 81″ gear inch or below (eg 48×16, 50×17) and a harder gear for workouts.