Fast Track program set to kick off on Monday April 8th, at 16h30

Our 2013 Fast Track program is set to kick off on Monday April 8th, at 16h30 at the West Shore Velodrome.

Training times for April 8 – June 27th are 16h30 – 18h00 on Monday and Thursday.

Monday sessions are open for U15 and U19 athletes.

Thursday sessions are for athletes 15 and older only * (13-14 year old athletes may receive approval to participate in Thursday sessions following an on-bike assessment, and training history review / interview with the head coach).

The initial 2 weeks of the program will focus on basic track cycling skills for those who are brand new to track cycling, and for those who are returning – we will spend an appropriate amount of time to re-orienting athletes to the velodrome after a winter of road / mtb / or other sport activities and pursuits.

With fingers crossed the weather will continue to provide us with ample sunshine and dry conditions. My recommendation for those travelling from up island, please e-mail me before 12h00 on the day of practise if there’s any question about inclement weather. I would rather you make the long drive only on days when we’re very confident that we’ll be riding outside. On days when there’s a very high probability of rain, or when it’s been raining consistently all day, I am happy to provide a skills based workout for the athletes to complete – rather than see you drive all the way down with no chance of riding outside.

If you have not yet registered for the program – please take the time to complete the online registration by clicking the link below.

Online Registration

Lister and Kurt are excited to begin the 2nd year of the program, and are looking forward to seeing everyone at the velodrome on Monday.