Meet our new Derny Bike: Trek Super Commuter+

Last fall, the board approved the purchase of this badass e-bike. A Trek Super Commuter+.  Say goodbye to noxious exhaust fumes as you blast around the velodrome.  This bike is more than capable of the speeds required to hit 60+ km/h on our beloved track.   

Super Commuter+ is a performance e-bike built for commuters who value reliability, speed, and style. A powerful Bosch system that helps you sustain speeds of up to 45 km/h, a wealth of thoughtful design details, and a parts group that’s friendlier on the wallet than others in the lineup make this electric bike a high-value solution for better daily commutes.

Only qualified riders will be permitted to ride this amazing bike.  We are in the middle of developing protocols and policy for its use. Under no circumstances is this bike allowed to be ridden off the velodrome. It is not legal for use on the streets as its speed governor required for street use has been removed for our exclusive use on the track, allowing us to reach the speeds a Derny bike must hit.

Check it out at our upcoming Open House

For details on this new offering from Trek, see Trek Super Commuter+ 7