An annual membership in the GVVA allows the member to ride all weekly club events, including open track sessions and weekly club races from April to September.  Due to registration requirements and electronic acceptance of our waiver, memberships must be purchased online

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Liability insurance required for track use
Complementary Coached Workouts for Track Pass Members

Choose the Membership that’s right for you…

General Membership
General membership without access to ride/race on the track. This is a good choice for parents of youth members.
Track Pass Membership
An annual pass for frequent access to the track. This pass includes a weekly coached training session and unlimited access to open track sessions. The best value for regular track users.

Please note that Entry fees for TrackFest events,  other special events, youth coaching programs and other programs or events are not included in your annual membership.

Insurance and Liability

The GVVA is a registered club with Cycling BC.  In order for the club sessions to be insured, all riders require a GVVA membership and a Cycling BC membership.

You must acknowledge our waiver as a condition of membership or use of the track facility.

 Track Pass Memberships

A track pass membership allows the member to ride and/or race on the track provided they are experienced riders and/or have taken at minimum a learn to ride clinic.  With a track pass membership, you avoid having to pay the drop-in fees each time you want to use the track , whether for a coached session, special event, or league racing. 

With a track pass you have all season access to the track. It does not include entry fees for events, beyond  league racing and open track sessions, or learn to race or ride clinics.

Adult = 19 years or older.
Junior U19  = under 19 years of age.
Age is your age at Dec 31. 

General Membership

General membership is the right choice for those not intending to ride the track at all or infrequently.  If you plan to ride the track frequently, such as participate in the league racing series, then consider purchasing a track pass membership instead.

A general member is insured under the GVVA insurance, as required by Cycling BC.  General membership is mandatory before entering special events such as GVVA hosted TrackFest I & II and mandatory before drop-in racing/training. A general membership is paid on an annual basis.

Drop In Rates

For members who have not purchased a full Track Pass membership, these drop in rates provide you access to use the track on a per-session charge. Drop in rates do not include the minimum annual general membership.

Membership required. A list of paid members will be used to determine your membership. Membership must be paid for online only. Drop-in fees and bike rental are payable at the track by Credit Card only.

[table] Drop-In Track Access, Fee
Rental bike per session, $15
Single session drop in (excludes rental bike), $20
Junior drop in with rental bike per session, $10

We use Square at the track and on our web site.


Drop-in program is for experienced riders only. You must have taken a Learn to Ride clinic or have previous track experience.