2021 TrackFest II Racing – Aug 14th – one full day of racing



  • One Value Price for Youth U17/U15/U13 for all events! Race as much as you want!
  • A La-Carte Racing Event selection for Senior/Elite, Juniors and Masters. Pick your races! 

See description below for all the event details.

To start, choose your Race Category and your Ability Level (for non-timed events) and that will determine pricing and event options for Senior/Elite and Masters.

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    Trackfest II – Pre-Provincials Racing

    Saturday, August 14th

    We are hoping that this will be a fun event and we will be very flexible in allowing teams of mixed ages and genders.  The idea is for maximum participation and competitive racing as much as possible as well as preparation for Provincial Track the following weekend in Burnaby.  Because of the low registration numbers we will now be only holding the event on one day.


    CATEGORIES:  For Bunch races (Elimination, Points and keirin) riders of similar abilities will be placed in the same category A, B C and D.

                                 For match sprints, riders will be grouped together based on flying 200 times

    For timed events (time trial, individual pursuit) results will be grouped into age categories

    (U13/U15/U17/U19/Senior/Masters A, B and C+)


    RACE ORDER:  For Bunch Races ( D / C / B / A), For match sprints (slowest grouping to fastest), For timed events (youngest to oldest)

    OMNIUM EVENTS*:  No omnium today.  Will have an elimination race as well as a points race.


    Saturday, August 14th

    8 am:  Registration open and number pickup.  We hope that individuals have pre-registered.  Teams should be determined before registration but can be made up at this time.

    8:15 am – 9:00 am: Track available for warm up

    9:00 am:                     Racing starts



    Time Trial   500m, kilo – UCI Age Categories


    Individual Pursuit – U13 – 1K (3 laps);/U15, U17and U19w – 2k (6 laps), U19m and Senior women– 3k, senior men and Masters A – 4k, Masters B and C 2k



    Flying 200   Starting from the back straight – 2 ½ laps timed on the final 200


    Elimination Race


    Keirin – Two laps behind the motor pacer, then two more laps to finish.  Maximum 8 riders per race.


    Keirin Finals – D / C / B / A  



    Points Race* D (12 laps) / C (18 laps) / B (36 laps) / A (48 laps)



    Sprint Tournament – Four riders with the closest times will be grouped together.  Within each group of 4 the heats will run: HT1 -1 verses 3 and HT2- 2 verses 4.  Winners of HT1 and HT2 will race each other and losers of HT1 and HT2 will race each other. Every rider will participate in two Match Sprints racing different riders. 


    Match Sprints – 1st round


    Time Trial U13 – 333 meters (1 lap); U15 /U17 – 500 meters (1.5 laps); U19w, senior women, Masters B and C – 500 meters, U19m, senior men and Masters A – 1000 meters (3 laps)


    Match Sprints – 2nd round


    Derny Race Open.  Pairs of two riders made up of a lead rider (A or B) who will act as the “derny” followed by a C rider. 12 laps


    If we have time:


    Team Sprint


    Team Pursuit








    Additional information

    Rider Category

    Senior/Elite Men, Master Women 35-44 (A), Master Women 45-54 (B), Master Women 55-64 (C), Master Women 65+ (D), Master Men 35-44 (A), Master Men 45-54 (B), Master Men 55-64 (C), Masters Men 65+ (D), Senior/Elite Women, Under 13 Women, Under 15 Women, Under 17 Women, Under 13 Men, Under 15 Men, Under 17 Men, Junior Women (U19), Junior Men (U19)

    Ability Category

    , , ,

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