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Need a bike for an open track session? Rent it online here.

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The GVVA has a large rental fleet with bikes ranging in all sizes available to riders, including youth.  After completing the introductory program, riders are welcome to continue to rent bikes for training and racing.

Our Learn to Ride programs held on select Sundays include the use of a rental bike as part of the course.

The rental bikes are all standard fixed gear track bicycles using 1/8″ track chains and cogs. On fixed gear bikes it is required that your feet are firmly attached to the pedals somehow. Bike rental includes basic pedals with toe clips if you need them. If you ride with clip-less pedals on the road you are welcome to bring your own pedals and shoes. We ask that when it comes time to install the pedals on the bike you do so with the assistance of the track attendant or coaches.

  • Bikes are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The track attendant or coaching staff will assist you in selecting the right bike for you
  • Please help return the bike when you’re done.