In season, the GVVA hosts regular weeknight club races at the West Shore Velodrome. The association also hosts two TrackFest weekend races each year, usually in June and August. Other special events occur on occasion through the race season. Track racing has been a key part of the club since the very beginning with races categorized by experience and ability.

Monday nights provide sprint and time events and continue from May through September. There are typically A and B level  races, and occasionally a C level race category.

Thursday night’s theme is bunch racing. Racing for Thursday evening usually starts with a Scratch race, with a two-lap neutral to get the legs going. From there, any of the other mass start races will be on the night’s agenda, such as Elimination, Win-and-Out, or the always tough Points Race.  There are typically A and B level  races, and occasionally a C level race category and racers ranging in ages from 14 to over 60.

Club racing is a great way to hone your skills on the track and the evening always provides challenging competition for thos that participate.

The GVVA also hosts two day weekend races each year: TrackFest I and TrackFest II. Usually one in June and one in the second in August. Keep an eye on our website for announcements.

If you are new to track racing you must complete the Learn to Race program before taking part in any races.