Thursday Nite League Racing Results – Apr 30

Race results for Thursday Nite League Racing, April 30, 2014.

Scratch Race B,C

10 laps

Place Name Club
 WALKER Wayne Dr. Walker

Scratch Race A

12 laps

Place Name Club
BARLEE Matt Magic Places
 PICKRELL Riley Tripleshot
5 GRAHAM James Dr Walker
6 VAN DER VRIES Joel Independent
DNF ANSTEY Chris Sidney Velo
DNF CARLETON Gillian Stucky Life
DNF WALKER Wayne Dr Walker

Win and Out B,C

2 laps

Place Name Club
1 Mel Pemble Dr Walker
2 Wayne Walker Dr Walker
3 Joel VanderVies Independent

Win and Out, A

5 laps

Place Name Club
1 James Graham Dr Walker
2 Riley Pickrell Tripleshot
3 Eloi Battista Independent
4 Gillian Carleton Stucky Life
5 Chris Anstey Sidney Velo
dnf Tony Winter MIVA
dnf Wayne Walker Dr Walker
dns Matt Barlee Magic Places
dns Joel Vandervies Independent

Avalanche B,C

Place Name Club sprint 1 sprint 2 sprint 3 sprint 4 total
1 Mel Pemble Dr Walker 2 3 5 10
2 Joel VanderVies Independent 1 2 2 5
2 Wayne Walker Dr Walker 1 1 3 5

Avalanche A

Place Name Club sprint 1 sprint 2 sprint 3 sprint 4 total
1 Riley Pickrell Tripleshot 6 2 3 5 10
2 Eloi Battista Independent 2 1 1 3 5
3 Matt Barlee Magic Places 11 1 2 2 5
4 Tony Winter MIVA 8 1 1
dnf James Graham Dr Walker 3 0
dns Joel Vandervies Independent 5 0
dnf Chris Anstey Sidney Velo 1 0
dns Gillian Carleton Stucky Life 0
dns Wayne Walker Dr Walker 9 0

Points race B,C

“not held, dark, cold”,

Place Name Club
Joel VanderVies Independent
Wayne Walker Dr Walker
Mel Pemble Dr Walker

Points Race A

“not held, dark, cold”,

Place Name Club
Matt Barlee Magic Places
Eloi Battista Independent
Riley Pickrell Tripleshot
Tony Winter MIVA
James Graham Dr Walker
Joel Vandervies Independent
Chris Anstey Sidney Velo
Gillian Carleton Stucky Life
Wayne Walker Dr Walker

Hi all:
Well, we made it through all but the last race because of cold and dark. And the sound system was fantastic, thanks to Mike for finding it and funding it.

Lots of volunteer help: Doug Carey, Alex Hui, Gillian Carleton, Mel Pemble’s mum (forget her name), John from Transylvania :), Alex Grant, John Errington acted as race director on the microphone. Alex Grant recorded the results from John as he read the numbers, and I typed them into the attached spreadsheet.

As noted in the minutes, the results are being tabulated separately for Thursdays and Mondays, with the Thursday standings resetting to zero after 6 weeks.

I did not have much time this week to follow up on track passes and get a list to confirm who has paid. Honour system tonight. Numbers were definitely better.

Onward and upward!