The GVVA Track Champions League is a brand new weekly club racing format. We have shamelessly mimicked the UCI Track Champions League which debuted in the 2021-22 season. We wanted to create a short format racing across weekly rounds with an aim to make track cycling more accessible to the broader local cycling scene, with a League pass available to non-members, as well as drop-in racing. See registration for details.

Racing Format

The GVVA Track Champions League is a league format where each weekly round will feature the exact same racing programme. The season is held from May 13, 2022 to August 25th. See our Schedule for Friday and Thursday Night Racing.

  • Riders score points across the weekly rounds in either the Sprint or Endurance category. There is also an overall points tally for the generalist rider who chooses to race both the endurance and sprint categories.
  • Champions are awarded at the end of the season by ability category for overall and by endurance and sprint category.
  • Scratch Race – 5km (15 laps) for A Category, 4km (12 laps) for B, and 3km (9 laps) for C and D category riders.
  • Elimination Race – After opening neutral, the last rider crossing the finish line is eliminated every lap.
  • Keirin Race – 4 laps total with two laps behind the derny/moto. The riders must hold their designated position for the first lap, and must remain behind the moto until it pulls off the track at two laps to go. The moto reaches 50km/r for A, 45km/r for B 40 km/hr for C and D at two laps to go. When categories are combined the lesser speed will be used at the discretion of the race organizer.
  • Match Sprints – Starts with 3-up match with only winner advancing. The final match is a single race with 2-up.

Points System

League points are awarded from 1st place down to 15th place in the following sequence: 20 points for 1st, 17 points for 2nd, then 15, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point for 15th place. Zero points for placing higher than 15th.

You must register to race League Racing. Race for free with a Season or Monthly Track Pass. FastTrack registrants must pay to race in league racing. Drop-in available.

League Standings

2022 Track Champs League Standings (Google Sheets)