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Trackfest 2016 Poster

GVVA Track Fest 1 – July 1st and 2nd, 2016

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Categories:  A, B and C.  We will attempt to place riders of similar abilities in the same category.

Races will be run in the following order: C then B then A

Omnium Events*  Riders must participate in every omnium event in the omnium to be eligible for omnium rankings.



A paltry 20 bucks! Paid when you sign on at registration. Easy Peezee.

Plus $15 if you need an Annual GVVA Membership. This membership will be valid all season including for TrackFest 2 in August! Great value eh?

Registration gets you into all the races! You will be automatically entered in the Omnium, but you must start all the omnium races to be eligible to win.

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Day 1 –  Friday, July 1st

12:00 am – 1:45 pm:   Registration open / Track available for warm up

2:00 pm:                     Racing starts

Team Sprint finals.  Men have 3 riders per team (3 laps elite M and U19 M, or 1.5 laps for U17 M).  Women have 2 riders per team (2 laps elite F and U19 F, or 1 lap for U17 F)

Scratch Race*   C (10 laps) / B (20 laps) / A (30 laps)

Flying 200 Meter Time Trial * C / B / A – 1.5 laps, timed on the final 200 meters.   Starting from the back straight.

We will use flying 200 for both the omnium and for seeding the Keirin and match sprint events.

Top 8 riders in each category will go into the sprint tournament.  Riders placing 9th and above will have one match sprint against the rider whose flying 200 time is closest to theirs.  All riders will get at least one match sprint.  All riders will be entered into the keirin.

Keirin heats  C / B / A

Elimination* C / B / A

Keirin Finals

Derny Race – open.  Pairs of two riders made up of a lead rider (A or B) who will act as the “derny” followed by a C rider.


Podium ceremony


Day 2 – Saturday, July 2nd

8:00 am -8:45 am:       Track available for warm up

9:00 am:                     Racing starts

Time Trial*  C – 333 meters (1 lap) / B – 500 meters (1.5 laps) / A – 1000 meters (3 laps)

(Depending on participant numbers, may have 4 starting stations per heat.  Home, back, and middle of each turn).

Sprint ¼ final – 1 ride C, B then A

Sprint for riders placing 9th and above 

Sprint 5-8

Sprint ½ final – 1 ride


Kids Race      < 7 yrs old – 1 lap

Sprint Finals – best of 3

Individual Pursuit*  C – 1K (3 laps) / B – 2K (9 laps) / A – 3K (12 laps)

Depending on participant numbers, may have 4 starting stations per heat.  Home, back, and middle of each turn.

Points Race * C (18 laps) / B (36 laps) / A (48 laps)


Podium ceremony

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