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GVVA TrackFest 2 Schedule

August 19th, 20th and 21st, 2016

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Friday Fun Night Only: $10
Saturday Only: $25
Sunday Only: $25
Full Meal Deal (all three days of glorious suffering): only $40

GVVA Membership: $15 for the whole year. If you do not already have this, you will need to purchase it before you may race. (Why? The suits say so, that’s why!)

Categories: A, B and C (and possibly D or “beginner” if we get a whole lot ‘o new riders). We will attempt to place riders of similar abilities in the same category. Races will be run in the following order: C then B then A. Team events will have age group categories (see Saturday morning)

Omnium Events: Riders must participate in every omnium event in the omnium to be eligible for omnium rankings. We will do our best to provide results for both an *Endurance Omnium and a **Sprint Omnium providing we get some serious volunteer help!

Day 1 – Friday, August 19th

4:00 pm:  Registration open

We are hoping to have a fun evening open to riders who will be participating on Saturday and Sunday as well as riders who only wish to participate that evening.

5:30 pm:  Racing Starts

Chariot Race – 1 lap standing start

Unknown Distance Race – no more than 8 laps, no less than 3, but you won’t know until the bell rings indicating one lap to go. Muahahahaha!

Italian Pursuit – Teams of 6 riders, Mixed teams of 1-D, 1-2 C, 1-2 B, 1-A. Same concept as team sprint, with riders doing their 1/2 lap on the front and then retiring from the race. If we have odd numbers, we can make it 3.5 laps (teams of 7)

Open Madison – 30 laps

Derny Race – open. Pairs of two riders made up of a lead rider (A or B) who will act as the “derny” followed by a C rider.

Day 2 – Saturday, August 20th

9:00 am – 10:00 am:  Registration open / Track available for warmup

10:30 am:  Racing starts

We are keeping age group categories for the team events only, as most teams would like the chance to race together in preparation for BC’s the following week. The rest of the weekend is A,B,C cats.

Team Sprint Finals.   Men have 3 riders per team (3 laps elite M and U19 M, or 1.5 laps for U17 M). Women have 2 riders per team (2 laps elite F and U19 F, or 1 lap for U17 F).

Team Pursuit Finals.   4 riders per team (3 must finish), 4 k (12 laps) for elite M and W, 3 k (9 laps) for U17M and W, 2 k (6 laps) for U 15 M and W 

In both team events Composite teams are allowed,  either mixed ability category and/ or mixed gender.   Athletes to inform race organizers of final team compositions by end of warm up on Saturday.

Distances subject to change (Why? Because John Errington is the boss of us, that’s why!)


Flying 200 Meter Time Trial * **   C / B / A – 1.5 laps, timed on the final 200 meters. Starting from the back straight.

We will use the flying 200 for both of the omniums and for seeding the Keirin and match sprint events.

Top 8 riders in each category will go into the sprint tournament. Riders placing 9th and above will have one match sprint against the rider whose flying 200 time is closest to theirs. All riders will get at least one match sprint. All riders will be entered into the keirin.

Scratch Race*   C (10 laps) / B (20 laps) / A (30 laps)

Keirin heats**   C / B / A

Elimination*   C / B / A

Keirin Finals**

After racing tailgate BBQ party – bring your own food to cook (and drinks to drink). BBQ will be provided! Have a cold one and tell your friends stories of your glories on the track.

Day 3 – Sunday, August 21st

8:00 am – 8:45 am: Track available for warm up

9:00 am: Racing starts

Time Trial* **     C – 333 meters (1 lap) / B – 500 meters (1.5 laps) / A – 1000 meters (3 laps)

(Depending on participant numbers, may have 4 starting stations per heat. Home, back, and middle of each turn).

Sprint 1⁄4 final** – 1 ride C, B then A

Sprint for riders placing 9th and above**

Sprint 5-8**

Sprint 1⁄2 final** – 1 ride


Kids Race < 7 yrs old – 1 lap

Sprint Finals** – best of 3

Individual Pursuit*    C – 2K(6 laps) /B – 3K(9 laps) / A – 4K(12laps)

Depending on participant numbers, may have 4 starting stations per heat. Home, back, and middle of each turn.

Points Race*   C (18 laps) / B (36 laps) / A (48 laps)

After racing tailgate BBQ – bring your own grub & bevies

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