After a successful bike auction, the GVVA had raised funds to pay for about half of a new Zero FX electric motorcycle. We wanted to replace the use of the Honda 450 gas motorcycle as it was blowing blue smoke and generally not a sustainable option for us. The Honda has served us well but it was time to look forward to a future that may include an indoor velodrome (fingers crossed). Just by happenstance (not a word), we came across a lightly used Zero FX 7.2 for sale. So we bought it! It sat in our president’s garage over the winter, sorting out how we might install a roller bumper to protect the cyclist behind this new derney. This required channeling MacGyver to figure it out. After some machining and welding we now have a robust roller bumper (patent pending).

So what are we going to do with the Zero? It replaces our gas powered Honda 450 for Keirin competitions and motor pacing training. We are hoping to offer specific motor pacing training sessions for non-track cyclists as well, opening the opportunity to do speed work in a safe closed course on the track using your road bike. Stay tuned on that offering.

Brad, President.

Brad Head

Brad is the 2022 President of the GVVA and a longtime board member.